A sabbatical year at UW-Seattle: Fun and Science!

I’m a Brazilian oceanographer on sabbatical at UW with the Sediment Dynamics Group. So, what does that mean? I’ve come with family to finally write several papers I’ve been postponing and to experience the Seattle culture!  When I came with wife and three kids from the equatorial Amazon area, I knew that acclimation to cold weather would be an issue. We arrived in the autumn, which was actually convenient to our adaptation. The long winter was a good opportunity to stay indoors and work on my papers. Now we have spring and summer to fully enjoy our cultural enrichment. The scientific excellence of the Sediment Dynamics Group at UW and the wonderful natural and cultural scene of the Seattle area (even with the marked seasonal variation) is giving us the perfect combination of experiences.

By: Nils Asp

Nils’ family at Green Lake enjoying Seattle in the rainy Autumn and beautiful Spring.