Hello, Goodbye!

This September is a bittersweet time for the Sed Lab. Nils’ sabbatical is coming to an end. He and his family will return to Brazil at the end of the month. At the same time, Andrea and Hannah will head to Friday Harbor Labs to teach the biannual Marine Sedimentary Processes Research Apprenticeship for the fall. But it’s not all goodbyes, we are also welcoming Evan, a new graduate student! Evan is joining us after finishing his BA at Carleton College (check out his bio on the freshly updated People Page). He will be diving straight into lab work with Aaron, processing samples from the Ayeyarwady.

Stay tuned this fall to hear more from Nils as he continues to publish papers, from Chuck and Evan as they teach Rivers and Beaches, and from Andrea and Hannah in Friday Harbor as they guide students through research projects investigating the Elwha River.

The Sed Lab gathered on Nils’ porch this week for lab meeting.