The Brazilian branch of the Sediment Dynamics Group

Nils and family at Drumheller Fountain, UW-Seattle

Nils outside the UFPA campus in Braganca.








Nils and his family have returned to Bragança, but they’re keeping in touch! Here’s his news on settling back into life and work in Brazil:

After spending one very pleasant and fruitful year at UW-Seattle, I’m back home in Bragança, Brazil where I work at the UFPA campus. Right now, the challenges for science are bigger than ever in Brazil, but the scientific tools I brought from UW are really helping me through. One major challenge is the drastic decrease in public funding for research for all disciplines and levels. I’m overcoming this impediment by taking advantage of all the data collected along the lower Amazon River, Tapajós and Xingu tributaries, as well as along the Brazilian Amazon mangrove belt and at the Amazon shelf. All this data is a result of large cooperative fieldwork efforts during the last five years. This backlog assures us long hours of data analysis at the lab and even more time trying to understand and publish the results. We have been making good progress so far, with the recent publication of papers in journals such as Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science; Earth Surface, Processes and Landforms; and Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Several papers are under review as well and are coming out soon.

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