Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 (+ sunshine)

This week the Sed Lab has been in sunny San Diego at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Conferences are a great opportunity to share research, hear fresh ideas, and learn about new opportunities. Evan and Andrea presented early results from Astoria Canyon. Robin presented posters for both her education research and the final chapter of her PhD (!!!), which examines particle aggregation and deposition in the Mekong River. Hannah gave two oral presentations, one on building a global scientific community and one on sediment dynamics in the Ayeyarwady River Delta.

Robin presenting her poster

Andrea’s presentation

Conferences are also a wonderful chance to catch up with old friends and make new friends. We hung out with Rip, Dan, and Emily, and heard about their latest research. And, most importantly, we also got a good dose of sunshine after a long PNW winter.

Evan and Rip discussing Astoria Canyon

Hannah’s presentation