Waipaoa River Shelf, New Zealand







Formation, reworking and accumulation of sedimentary deposits, Waipaoa Rver Shelf, New Zealand

This research examines dispersal processes and sediment dynamics that control strata production on the Waipaoa River margin, New Zealand, a MARGINS Source-to-Sink (S2S) focus site where discrete event beds have been found. This research combines numerical modeling of sediment dynamics, sediment-transport observations, and time-series coring with high-resolution sampling. A hydrodynamic / sediment transport model for the continental shelf is being developed to examine event- and seasonal-timescale dispersal and deposition. Seasonal variations in sediment transport and deposition across the Waipaoa River shelf are being studied during three ~4-month deployments of three near-bed tripods. During instrument site visits, shallow seabed coring is being conducted to reveal recently deposited strata using X-radiography, sedimentology, macrofaunal-density and radiochemistry.

Project publications:

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Funding source: National Science Foundation

People: Andrea Ogston, Rip Hale