Senate communications

February 24, 2017

Report of the Faculty Senate chair, March 2, 2017

Zoe Barsness, Associate Professor, Milgard School of Business, UW Tacoma

Please take the time to review the agenda and supporting materials.

Continuing projects

As I indicated last month, we are concentrating our focus this winter and spring quarter on student affairs. In my last report to the Faculty Senate, I provided a brief history of the process, which unfolded last year and led to a Class B change in the UW Policy Directory: WAC 478-120 – related to the Student Conduct Code. My January 9, 2017, Chair Report to the SEC summarized the gist of the substantive changes that were made to the Student Conduct Code last spring and also outlined the rationale for and process through which the currently proposed changes to the Student Conduct Code WAC (Washington Administrative Code) were drafted. This past month the Faculty Council on Student Affairs (FCSA) and the Compliance Services Team completed their work on the Student Conduct Code WAC. Many thanks to those of you who took the time to review the preliminary draft of the Class B legislation concerning proposed revisions to the Student Conduct Code WAC and provide feedback. Your feedback, combined with that provided by SEC and a variety of faculty governance bodies, has informed the final draft of the Student Conduct Code WAC before you today in Exhibit F. It is important to note that the proposed Class B legislation passed unanimously by the FCSA and the SEC and deserves your careful review, as we plan to take action on the legislation today.

To facilitate your review of the Student Conduct Code WAC, initial drafts of the two companion policy documents — the Academic Misconduct and Non-Title IX Behavioral Misconduct Policy (Chapter 209) and the Title IX Policy (Chapter 210) —  and video outlining the conduct flow are also provided on the web. These draft policies are provided for context to assist you in your review of the proposed Student Conduct Code WAC. We will reserve discussion of these policies for our April 20 senate meeting. As the two companion policies to the Student Conduct Code WAC are also rather long and very complicated, we encourage you to begin your review of these important and nuanced pieces of legislation soon after our meeting today. Substantive or editorial feedback should passed along either to our Compliance Services Team — Jill Lee (, Amanda Paye (, or Kara Blake ( — or the Chair of the Faculty Council on Student Affairs, Chris Laws (, no later than March 17. This will assure your feedback can be used to inform the next round of drafts which will be submitted to the senate for review and discussion at its April 20 meeting. It is our intention to formally review and take action on finalized drafts of the two companion policies that are reflective of SEC and other governance body feedback at a special meeting of the SEC on April 10, 2017. By taking this approach, we will be positioned to forward both policies onto the Senate for formal review and action at its April 20, 2017, meeting.

New Business

Today, we will begin review of the proposed Open Access Policy for the University of Washington. On April 23, 2015, the Faculty Senate unanimously approved a Class C “Resolution Concerning the UW Open Access Repository and Request for Advice on an Open Access Policy” that was submitted jointly by the Faculty Council on Research (FCR) and the Faculty Council on University Libraries (FCUL). In that resolution, the Senate requested that the Provost direct Betsy Wilson, Vice Provost for Digital Initiatives and Dean of University Libraries to “develop an open access publication policy for recommendation to the University and conduct a needs and integration assessment to determine what resources are necessary to enhance the University’s institutional repository, ResearchWorks Archive, to the level of a world-class repository”. This resulted in a report to the Provost dated June 13, 2016, that included a new Open Access Policy for faculty at the UW. The Open Access Report (see Exhibit G), details the new Open Access Policy and provides responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the policy. This report is provided for review and discussion at today’s senate meeting. Please bring any questions you have about the policy that are not yet addressed (or insufficiently addressed) in the FAQs to inform our discussions. Your review and feedback will help facilitate the FCR’s efforts to improve the FAQs and begin the official policy vetting process. The Open Access policy and FAQs will also be shared with the elected faculty councils in each of the schools, colleges and campuses for their review and discussion.

The FCR, in collaboration with the FCUL, have drafted Class B legislation to implement the proposed Open Access Policy, the draft legislation is also included in Exhibit G. The proposed Open Access Policy Class B legislation will be brought forward to the SEC and Senate for formal action in April.

Finally, an important proposed Class C resolution, concerning University of Washington Post-Doctoral Fellows will be considered. It too deserves careful review.