Final Paper Evaluation Rubric

The following guidelines are given to reviewers of the final paper:

Section Criteria
Abstract Succinct and clearly written, includes the main take-away points of the review.
Introduction The purpose, aim, or question is clearly stated. Prior reviews or similar literature are referenced. The need for this literature review is clearly justified.
Method Describes the question, strategy for literature search, study inclusion and exclusion criteria, data abstraction, and method and rationale for data synthesis.
Results Results described in a clear and organized fashion with use of appropriate figures and tables. Includes PRISMA diagram of flow to reach included studies, a table of study characteristics, and a summary table of the literature. The synthesis of literature is comprehensive and logical.
Discussion Draws thoughtful implications, demonstrates clear understanding of the results, clearly articulates the limitations of the review and future directions for research and/or policy.
Presentation Clearly written and organized, formatted per the guidelines of this document.


For more information about Literature Reviews (Optional references):

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