The following information is for students who may qualify to waive their III Scholarship Requirement. If you have questions after reading this page, please email

Students who have received Master’s or Ph.D. degree with completion of a thesis or dissertation in disciplines basic to medicine, or those who are first authors of papers published in peer-reviewed journals in disciplines basic to medicine, may petition for a waiver of the III Scholarship Requirement. MSTP students fulfill the III requirement through their Ph.D. dissertation. Abstracts, book chapters, and papers used to fulfill degree of other program requirements other than those noted above do not meet criteria.

To request a waiver, you may email to with:

  1. Your name
  2. Evidence of your scholarship or publication (i.e. a PDF or a link through PubMed)
  3. The name of the research mentor and the institution where the work was completed.

Requests must be submitted via email to the Curriculum Office at no later than November 15 of the first year of medical school; the Curriculum Office will notify the student of the waiver determination no later than November 30. Students without waivers must have a commitment to an Independent Investigative Inquiry (III) project by the end of winter quarter of the first year of medical school.

Please note that TRUST students are required to complete the RUOP III, and do not qualify for a waiver under any circumstances. Students with questions about this requirement should contact the TRUST program directly.

Pathways students are responsible for checking with their program to determine whether their scholarship or publication will meet the program’s scholarship requirements.

Any student who does not demonstrate adequate mastery of the first year Foundations Phase curriculum will be required to do an alternative III project on targeted content as determined by the School of Medicine over the following summer. This alternative project will fulfill their III requirement.

Please note that all students, including MSTP and those with III waivers, will be required to register for the III MEDSCI 501 course (6 credits) in Summer quarter of the first year of medical school, and for the III Final Project MEDSCI 503 course (1 credit) in Autumn quarter of the second year of medical school. The waiver will be applied at those times to pass the courses.