Thank you for your interest in mentoring a medical student project!

  • We highly encourage faculty to submit project opportunities for the III Scholarship Requirement. This is a dedicated 8 week period over Summer 2020 for first-year medical students to complete scholarly work, culminating in a poster presentation at our annual Medical Student Poster Session, or a final paper for those who do systematic literature reviews. For more information on mentoring a project for the III Scholarship Requirement, please click here.
  • We also welcome mentors for projects outside of this time period. Students seek opportunities during the academic year for which they can work during a 6-week research elective, or longitudinally throughout the year. To submit a project opportunity, please click here.

**Please note that residents and fellows are not eligible to submit projects to this database.


Expectations for Mentoring

  • The student’s project should be of a reasonable scope to ensure likelihood that the student will be able to describe results prior to graduation.
  • Mentors must:
    • Be available to invest sufficient time in the student to guide the project and where necessary, help to focus (or refocus) the direction of the project.
    • Be familiar with the methods the student will use in their project.
    • Develop a supportive environment for scholarship
    • Demonstrate professionalism