How to Get Access to Electronic Medical Records

If you plan to do research that requires access to an electronic medical record (EMR), please coordinate this with your Faculty Mentor well before you plan to start your project. Below are tips for accessing the EMR of organizations that our students frequently work with.

University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC)

  • For access to the ORCA (Cerner) EMR, your Faculty Mentor must submit a request using this form.
  • For access to EPIC Care, you will need to register for 1 hour online EPIC training and request access, both through our Computer Services Consultant, Phaedra Allen (
  • You do not need to be registered for a course to access the EMRs at UWMC.

Seattle Children’s Hospital (SCH)

  • Triple I students: For access to the EMR, you must be registered for a course during the quarter that you will be doing your research. For students doing the Triple I, they are registered for over the summer for Research Methods, so this is not an issue.
  • All other students: For access to the EMR, you must be registered for a course (such as PEDS 600, Independent Research) during the quarter that you will be conducting your research. Please be aware of this well ahead of the quarter you want to do research as there are registration deadlines and late fees. For more information on this process, please contact Sara Fear, Medical Student Program Coordinator (, who can provide the necessary paperwork.


  • The Providence Clinical Research Services Intake form is an important Providence procedure intended to safeguard students, patients and the hospital.  The goal of the intake form and timing of the submission deadline is to assure that all the Providence research requirements are completed prior to a June research start date.
  • Students will need to meet with their PI and submit the Providence Clinical Research Services Intake form on or before January 15. The form can be found here:
  • As you fill out the form, note that it just needs to reflect the preliminary ideas from your PI meeting. Specifically, for the section on “Project Description” you could write something as simple as: “My study will log the frequency of preceptor frowning during clinical teaching rounds and compare the difference in student experience scores compared to frowning rates recorded”
  • After submitting the form, the Providence Clinical Research manager will contact the student regarding their project. The manager will review with the student any data requirements and ensure the project scope is achievable within the Providence system. Additionally, submitting this form will alert the research manager to navigate the student to the IRB. The IRB staff will take an active role in guiding the student led research project through the sometimes-lengthy IRB process. Both of these will facilitate the student in building a more accurate timeline for their final project proposal.
  • For questions, please contact Erin Van Antwerp (