Q:     Who can be a project mentor?

A:    Faculty project mentors may be any UWSOM faculty members with an active Affiliate, Acting, Adjunct, Clinical, or Regular faculty appointment; this includes those at the Instructor level. Fellows and residents do not hold Faculty appointments, and are not eligible to be a research mentor or co-mentor.  If a student would like to work with a faculty mentor who does not hold a UWSOM appointment, then the student must also have a Faculty Co-mentor who does hold a UWSOM appointment in the event support is needed, and to be able to submit an evaluation of the student’s work.


Q:     Is there a limit to how many students a faculty member can mentor?

A:      No, however, each student must have their own discrete project.


Q:      In what capacity will the student participate in my project?

A:      Students are expected to have a clearly defined role that allows them to make an intellectual contribution to the project. This is especially important for students who will be doing a sub-project within a larger project. The application needs to clearly define the student’s discrete project for which they are personally responsible.


Q:      Am I required to provide a student stipend?

A:      Mentors are welcome, but not required, to provide a student stipend. For students who move from one WWAMI site to another to conduct research, a relocation stipend will be provided by UWSOM. Thus, we strongly encourage faculty members to consider working with students from the entire region.


Q:     When does the project period begin and end?

A:      Students conduct their work between first and second year of medical school during a 9-week timeframe from the end of June to the end of August, with a commitment of up to 30 hours per week. While engaging in their projects, they will concurrently be enrolled in a Research Methods course that will take approximately 6-10 hours per week of their time.