School of Medicine Governance Committees

Curriculum Committee Membership

Curriculum Committee          
CHR Chair Michael Ryan Elected Term-exempt position
FCACC Foundations Committee Representative Bruce Silverstein Elected Term as dictated by Foundations Committee
PCCACC Patient Care Committee Representative Misbah Keen Elected Term as dictated by Patient Care Committee
EFCACC Explore and Focus Committee Representative Mark Whipple Elected Term as dictated by Explore and Focus Committee
TCACC Themes Committee Representative Amanda Kost Elected Term as dictated by Themes Committee
ACC Academic Co-Chair Margaret Isaac
Elected TERM 2 ONLY 2018 2020
ACCP Academic Co-Chair Past  
Seat 1 Clinical Member 1
Seat 2 Clinical Member 2 Margaret Isaac Elected 2014 2017 2017 2020
Seat 3 Clinical Member 3 Sherilyn Smith Elected 2015 2018 2018 2021
Seat 4 Clinical Member 4 Mark Whipple Elected 2015 2018 2018 2021
Seat 5 Basic Scientist 1
Seat 6 Basic Scientist 2 John Scott Elected 2018 2021  
Seat 7 Basic Scientist 3 Mara Rendi Elected 2015 2018 2018 2021
Seat 8 Basic Scientist 4 Peter Fuerst Elected 2018 2021    
Seat 9 Regional Member 1
Seat 10 Regional Member 2 Laura Goodell
Elected 2018 2021    
Seat 11 Regional Member 3 Jay Erickson Elected 2014 2017 2017 2020
Seat 12 Regional Member 4
SFS Student Member, Foundations – Seattle E18 Malika
Hale Elected 2018 2020
SFW Student Member, Foundations – WWAMI E17
SFW Student Member, Foundations – WWAMI E17
SCS Student Member, Clinical – Seattle E16 Eva Jahan Elected 2018 2020
SCW Student Member, Clinical – WWAMI E16 Brandt Buckner
Elected 2018 2020


Ex-Officio Members
Suzanne Allen Vice Dean for Academic, Rural & Regional Affairs
Leo Morales Chief Diversity Officer
Raye Maestas Interim Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Marj Wenrich Associate Dean for Education Strategies
Sara Kim Associate Dean for Educational Quality Improvement
LeeAnna Muzquiz Associate Dean for Admissions
Matt Cunningham Director of Evaluation
Darryl Potyk Associate Dean for Eastern Washington
John McCarthy Assistant Dean for Rural Programs
Geoff Jones Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Eastern & Central WA
Judy Swanson Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Spokane
Frank Batcha Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Idaho
Mary Barinaga Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Idaho
Larry Kirven Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Wyoming
Ki Shin Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Western Washington
Barb Doty Assistant Dean, Clinical Phase, Alaska
Jeff Seegmiller Assistant Dean, Foundations Phase, Idaho
Tim Robinson Assistant Dean, Foundations Phase, Wyoming
Bill Sayres Assistant Dean, Foundations Phase, Spokane
Martin Teintze Assistant Dean, Foundations Phase, Montana
Lynne Robins Director, CLIME
Edwin Lindo Associate Director, Critical Thinking & Equity, CLIME
Roberto Montenegro EHM Lead & Foundations Content Reviewer
Kellie Engle Director, Curriculum
Kelley Goetz Administrative Manager, Curriculum