Ecology of Heath and Medicine

Welcome to Ecology of Health and Medicine. We hope that you refer to this website throughout your medical school career. This course is dedicated to the environment we exist in as medical students, as physicians and as patients. This course integrates principles of ethics, professionalism, inter professional education and communication, health equity, diversity, social determinants of health, global and population health, lifelong learning, health systems form and function and health systems improvements through your four year curriculum.

  • Week I- History and Individuals:  Similar to your foundations phase of medical school- starting with the basics sciences and increasing in complexity over time- the first week of EHM focuses on the history of the WWAMI region, of medicine as a profession and explores person to person interactions.  This week is intended to provide historical context to future weeks.  You will be introduced to foundational concepts in ethics, professionalism and communication.  These sessions will be built upon in later weeks.
  • Week II- Populations and Interactions: Populations of individuals make up communities.  We will apply your knowledge of person to person interactions at a population level.  Week begins curriculum around social determinants of health.  One must understand interpersonal, population and community level interactions to begin to grasp structural determinants of health in our region and country.  To begin to understand our healthcare system one must understand our history and structure.  Major themes are diversity, health equity, social determinants of health and lifelong learning.  Additionally we will begin to discuss how we work to improve systems in healthcare- systems improvements.
  • Week III- Communities: We will begin to study healthcare systems in the community.  Week III communities are defined as frontier, rural, village, town, city and county.  All of the themes present in EHM are present in this week.  Population and public health concepts are applied and reinforced.  The study of healthcare systems and systems improvements is reinforced.
  • Week IV- Communities: In your last week we define communities at the state and national level.  We introduce global health concepts and continue to expand our knowledge around all of the themes in preparation for your patient care phase experiences.

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