Objectives: End of Foundations

Diversity:  Demonstrate humility and self-awareness to engage in patient centered care of people from diverse backgrounds.

Ethics:  Use ethical frameworks to reason through ethical conflicts and uncertainty, justifying a course of action for a given scenario.

Global, Population & Public Health:  Discuss how organized community efforts on a local, regional, national, or global level can supplement health service delivery in improving population health outcomes.

Health Equity:  Explain how structural factors lead to unjust health outcomes for different patient populations.

Health Systems:  Summarize key features of the health care system in the US including structures, processes, policies, economics, and value.

Interprofessional (IPE)/ Communication:  Explain roles and responsibilities of common health care team members and model effective communication.

Lifelong Learning:  Use reflection, feedback, and self-motivated, self-directed learning to identify and address knowledge and performance gaps.

Professionalism:  Demonstrate behavior in personal and professional life reflecting the values of medicine.

Social Determinants of Health:  Recognize the impact of social and environmental factors on the health of patients, families, and communities.

Systems Improvement:  Outline effective strategies to improve quality and safety in health care settings.