Objectives: End of Patient Care Phase

Diversity:  Create care plans for patients of diverse and intersecting identities that incorporate cultural and structural humility.

Ethics: Practice resolving clinical ethics conflicts and uncertainties by applying different ethical frameworks and collaborating with different stakeholders.

Global, Population & Public Health: Summarize population and public health resources available to patients.

Health Equity: Integrate structural factors that lead to unjust health outcomes for different populations into patient care plans.

Health Systems: Critique key features of the health care system in the US including structures, processes, policies, economics, and value.

Interprofessional (IPE)/ Communication: Construct care plans with consideration of roles and responsibilities of common health care team members.

Lifelong Learning: Construct and implement an individualized development plan using self-reflection and self-evaluation to continuously improve performance to achieve measurable professional goals.

Professionalism: Evaluate personal and professional behaviors in the context of a developing professional identity.

Social Determinants of Health: Prioritize social determinants health for patients and propose potential interventions.

Systems Improvement: Apply evidence based strategies to improve quality and safety in health care settings.