Carrier Testing and Genetic Counseling

Start by WATCHING this video by Dr. Robin Bennett M.S., L.G.C., Ph.D. to gain a better understanding of various clinical and social aspects of genetic counseling:


With this broader understanding in mind, let’s dig into the ethics of this area of medicine…

READ Genetic Screening by Burke, et al.  Focus on the content found on pages 154-156.

Optional Review the following key ethics terms:


If you’re interested in further investigation… (not required)

These two links are optional and are intended for the student who has prior experience with the topic and/ or a strong desire for additional information.

Also see “Carrier testing for Ashkenazi Jewish disorders in the prenatal setting” by Ferriera et al. This article was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.  It is above the level of the average foundations phase student.

For more information about ethical issues around genetic testing in Ashkenazi Jewish populations read A young couple tests compatibility” and then explore the Dor Yeshorim website.