Entering the Profession of Medicine

Why Does Professionalism Matter?: Perspectives

1. Watch this video

This video (also available online at: http://abimfoundation.org/video/why-does-professionalism-matter-perspectives-on-professionalism) (3:28) shows senior physicians from around the country exploring why professionalism is integral to medicine. It stresses that maintaining our professional tenants and social contract with society is imperative to keep at the center of our practice of medicine.

2. READ this article (pdf).

Curiosity and What Empathy Really Means by Atul Gwande

This article (also available online at: https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/curiosity-and-the-prisoner) explores the foundational principle of medicine that all lives are created equal and how in modern day applying these principle requires a willingness see the humanity in all people even those different from you and to try to understand what it is like to be them.  It requires a curiosity and openness and level of respect and through a respect of the humanity of others you “will be given trust to see human beings at their most vulnerable and serve them.”


1. REVIEW this document (pdf, optional).

ABIM Medical Professionalism: A Physician Charter

This document reviews the importance of professionalism is the basis of medicine’s contract with society and that understanding the principles and responsibilities of medical professionalism is key to physicians social contract with society.