Socialization and Implicit Bias

1. REVIEW the following terms from the EHM Lexicon. Identity, Implicit Bias, Cultural Competency and Narrative Humility.

GOAL: Familiarize yourself with terms and definitions that will be discussed during the session

2. WATCH: Socialization: Crash Course Sociology #14

GOAL: Discover the basic tenants of socialization

3. READ: Professional Socialization in Medicine

GOAL: Learn ways that medical professionals are socialized in their training

Read this opinion piece about the ways in which we are socialized in medicine.

4. READ: Implicit Bias in Healthcare Professionals

GOAL: Gain an appreciation of how implicit bias can lead to direct and indirect consequences in patient care.

Read the systematic review and focus on the sections of “Background” (2-3) and “Existence of Implicit Biases/Stereotypes…” (13-14).


1. READ: the last sections from Implicit Bias in Healthcare Professionals, “Checking Perception” and “Getting Competent” to refresh your memory

GOAL: Learn basic first steps for recognizing bias in your communication and interaction with others.

2. READ:this article that covers the importance concept of narrative humility

GOAL: Reflect on how narrative humility can improve our experience with patients