Quality Improvement Project Charter

Watch the module from the IHI Online Open School “ QI Project Charter”

  1. Review the purpose of the QI project charter and the steps involved in completing the document.
  2. This module will guide you through the completion of the IHI project charter.

Watch the Ted Talk “Got a Wicked Problem? First tell me how you make toast.

  1. Discover how making steps in a process visible and tangible can lead to improvement by clarifying problems.
  2. This short Ted Talk describes the process map, a critical thinking tool used in quality improvement work to identify steps in a process for possible improvement changes.

IHI Online Open School courses in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and Certificate program are available for additional support and review.

  1. Utilize the resources from the IHI online open school to provide additional support for project creation.  Interested students may wish to complete any final modules to obtain the IHI Certificate in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.
  2. The IHI modules will provide a review or additional context regarding the model for improvement and the steps in the quality improvement process.