Categories: Our Themes

Diversity:  Caring for patients from different backgrounds, includes cultural awareness, responsiveness and engagement with communities; diversity within the healthcare workforce.

Ethics:  Using ethical frameworks and reasoning to justify a course of action in response to ethical conflict or uncertainty in medical practice.

Global, Population & Public Health:  Organized efforts at the global, national, state, or local level to prevent, identify, preempt, and counter threats to the public’s health.

Health Equity :  Addressing unequal and unjust health outcomes across different populations.

Healthcare Systems:  Patient care quality improvement, patient safety, value based care, accountable care.

Interprofessional Education (IPE)/ Communication:  Learning about, with, and from other healthcare professions to enable effective collaboration and teamwork in patient care across the health care continuum.

Lifelong learning:  Identifying and monitoring one own’s knowledge and performance gaps while implementing strategies, including the use of evidence based medicine and reflection, to close these gaps.

Professionalism:  A set of values, norms, and expectations within the medical profession that constitute a covenant with society.

Social Determinants of Health:  The factors that influence and impact health including social/cultural structures.

Systems Improvement:  Health system management, health policy, health economics and financing, and health care delivery system structure.