Office of Rural Programs


WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)

WRITE is a clinical medical education program developed by the University of Washington School of Medicine to help meet the need for more rural primary care physicians in the WWAMI region. WRITE was created to expand primary care and rural training options at the University of Washington; develop additional training experiences in the WWAMI states, including rural Washington; foster the primary care mission of the University of Washington; and provide more physicians for rural practice in the Pacific Northwest. This unique program has been successful because of its integration of community involvement, continuity of experience, and proven curriculum.

WRITE offers selected third-year medical students a mix of ambulatory and hospital training through a 22/24-week clinical education clerkship at a rural primary care teaching site. Throughout the program, WRITE students develop practice styles while learning how to treat a broad range of medical, surgical, and psychological problems. Emphasis is on the rural physician’s roles and responsibilities to diagnose, treat, and manage the majority of health problems on a longitudinal continuing basis while calling upon the health care resources of the community.

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