Volunteers Needed at Behnke Preschool

Ned Behnke Speech & Language Preschool Volunteer

Behnke Preschool is a unique preschool with an emphasis on language and literacy. Our curriculum is progressive, developmental, and multi-sensory with individualization. We take a theme-based approach to learning and integrate early math, science, social studies, language, music, art, and social skills into fun and interactive activities. We serve children with and without hearing loss and/or speech-language delays.

Work Description
We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about working with young children (ages two to five) and who enjoy promoting learning through language, reading, and fun! Classroom volunteers are expected to engage with children, which may include reading books, supporting art projects, engaging in pretend play, and encouraging positive social interactions. In addition to playing with the children, we may ask our volunteers to assist the teachers with prep work or handling of materials as needed. During snack time we ask that you help prepare snack items as well as wash the cups and bowls when finished. Additionally, volunteers are welcome to read our daily story if they would like a more hands-on experience!

The students work directly with the children making an impact on their lives now and in the future. One parent states: “We really appreciate all of the time, effort, and attention to detail that the teachers put into making the classroom a special, fun, and engaging place for the kids. Awesome!” This time and attention would not be possible without the help of volunteers such as yourself.

Please contact Kelsey Peterson at kpeterson@hsdc.org if you have any questions or are interested!

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