Portland VA SLP Fellowship

Portland VA Speech-Language Pathology Training Program:

The training program is funded by VHA Office of Academic Affiliations. These fellowships are available only for US citizens.

Clinical Fellows complete the following four, 3 month, rotations with three separate mentors (not necessarily in the order listed). Although there is some overlap in training, each of the first three rotations provides a primary area of emphasis. Students are provided with required readings on advanced topics and attend various colloquia, symposiums and seminars.

The program provides training in:

  • Fluoroscopic evaluation of swallowing and FEES
  • Evaluation of voice with use of acoustic voice analysis systems (e.g. Kay CSL, Praat, LSVT Companion Software), direct and fiberoptic laryngoscopy,
    and stroboscopy
  • Evaluation and treatment for the use of trachea-esophageal speaking valves
  • Evaluation of speech, language, and cognition
  • Evaluation and implementation of AAC devices and cognitive prosthetics.

Training occurs in the following locations:

  • ENT-including Head & Neck Surgery (SICU)
  • General Medicine Teams 1-5
  • Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Community Living Center, Vancouver Campus: Rehabilitation Unit, Skilled Nursing Care Unit, Long-term care, Hospice and Palliative care
  • Polytrauma Clinic
  • ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic
  • Dysphagia Outpatient Clinics
  • General SLP Outpatient Clinics

The program requires each CFY to develop and present a presentation on a topic of their choice, either to our internal staff or to one of the interdisciplinary teams. Observation, didactic teaching, and supervision are provided throughout each rotation with the goal of progressively weaning the student toward independence. In addition to daily ongoing feedback, each student meets with their mentor weekly to discuss the student’s progress along with any other issues of concern.

How to Apply:

Any student interested in applying should send a brief email to Dr. Craig Larson stating his or her intent to apply.

Applicants should submit:

  • A cover letter stating interest and career goals
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Unofficial undergraduate and graduate transcripts
  • VA forms 306 and Application for Health Trainees (can be found here)
  • Three letters of recommendation. At least one recommendation should be from a clinical supervisor and one from a clinical instructor. An academic and clinical professor can speak to both areas, if applicable. Letters of recommendation can be emailed to Dr. Larson directly by the professor or can be included
    in the student’s application. If emailed, “Letter of Recommendation for Name of Applicant” should be included in the subject line.

Please concatenate all documents into a single .pdf, and “Save as” as an Adobe Acrobat optimized file type to compress or use an online .pdf compression program. If you would like to encrypt your application, please request a password to use from Dr. Larson by sending an email request. Note, the VA server may reject a large file size. As such, please also send a separate, brief email to Dr. Larson stating that the application was sent.

Applications should be submitted to Craig.Larson3@va.gov. (Note, the other VA forms listed on the website: Application for Assoc. Health Trainee, Form 306, and National Rules of Behavior will be required upon selection for an externship.).


The application deadline is November 29, 2019, and the start date is typically at the beginning of October of the following year.

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If you would like clarification or further information, please contact Dr. Craig Larson, Trainee Coordinator, by email: Craig.Larson3@va.gov or phone: 503-220-8262, Ext. 55723.

For the full program description and required application forms, please visit the Portland VA website by clicking here.


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