SLP Position in Everett Public Schools

Everett Public Schools is looking for a Speech and Language Pathologist as a leave replacement for the 2019-2020 school year.

Major Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. As a school speech language pathologist:
    • Provides speech and language testing and evaluations of students referred to the speech language pathologist.
    • Develops and maintains a schedule of services to assure the needs of all assigned students are met.
    • Maintains individual student service records as required by the federal government,
      state, district, and sound professional practice.
    • Provides diagnostic audiology services as applicable.
    • Provides habilitative or rehabilitative services for those students identified as having
      speech, language, or hearing problems.
    • Provides consultative services to appropriate personnel (i.e. teachers, administrators,
      parents, etc).
    • Maintains ongoing records for each individual case (speech, language, hearing).
    • Initiates and updates short-term and long-term goals for each case annually on an
      individual education program form, with signed parent approval.
    • Provides assistance for training of other personnel (i.e. practicum students, student
      teachers, helpers, etc.).
    • Provides input in regard to developing and conducting research in speech and hearing
      and pupil services department.
    • Works closely with reading specialists, literacy coaches, special education teachers,
      occupational therapists, physical therapists, school psychologists, audiologists, guidance
      counselors, and social workers, in addition to others.
    • Works with school and district administrators in designing and implementing programs.
    • Work includes data-based decision making, including gathering and interpreting data
      with individual students, as well as overall program evaluation.
  2. Actively participates in faculty and grade level or department meetings, assist building
    efforts to plan, budget, implement, and evaluate the school’s program and to do related work as required. In carrying out these responsibilities, follows school policy and procedures, standard practices, and approved curriculum, and will actively and positively support the school vision.
  3. Is constantly observant of the needs and challenges of students and promptly engages an
    administrator or appropriate educational staff associates when the there is reason to suspect or reasonably believe that a student is at risk or in danger. The teacher serves as a positive role model for students and practices the behaviors that are expected of students.
  4. Assists in the supervision of students at school activities and events. Remains vigilant of students throughout the school day and the school location, taking the initiative to engage students when students are acting inappropriately or in inappropriate locations for the time of day.
  5. Establishes a professional growth plan and annually review the plan and progress with the

Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Have successful experience working with culturally diverse families and communities  or have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to strengthening engagement of a diverse community and skill in communicating with a diverse population.
  2. Valid Washington State Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Speech Language Pathologist certificate
  3. Master’s degree in speech pathology from an accredited college or university
  4. Ability to understand procedures and function in a school system with regard to the special part health services play in the overall education of the student
  5. Ability to work cooperatively with students and their parents, district staff, and community members who are culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse
  6. Ability to effectively communicate with parents, students, and staff verbally and in writing.
  7. Commitment to collaboration and teaming and effectiveness in working within a professional learning community.
  8. Evidence of continuous professional learning and a commitment to participate in professional growth opportunities and self-reflection on professional practice.

Desired Qualifications:

  1. Certificate of clinical competence (CCC)
  2. Experience working with, or knowledge, of Limited English Proficient students.
  3. Bilingual skills
  4. Successful experience teaching in a diverse student environment.
  5. Successful experience in a team teaching environment.


To view the whole job description or to apply, please click here.

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