Carbonado School SLP Position

Position Type: Speech and Language Pathologist (Early Kindergarten-8th Grade)
Location: Carbonado School
Date Posted: 2-8-21
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
Job Title: Speech and Language Pathologist
Job Summary: To ensure all students reach the highest levels of learning
Qualifications: Valid and appropriate professional education certificate for the state of Washington with an endorsement in Speech Language Pathology
Hours: 8-16 hrs a week September through June
Salary: DOE

Carbonado Historical School District No. 19

Essential Abilities Or Characteristics:
• Must have a passion for communication and a steadfast belief that all students can learn
• Must be willing to be a contributing, collaborative, positive member of grade level and District
teams; work well with adults in all settings; be flexible in an evolving educational environment; be willing to take collective responsibility for the learning of all students
• Knowledge of and ability to comply with State and Federal regulations and local school district
policies regarding special education and student and family information
• Knowledge of theory and content in the speech and language field and in the area of assistive
• Demonstrate knowledge of learning and behavioral needs of students
• Demonstrate successful experience developing programs of prevention, instruction, remediation and/or evaluation in implementing in-class service delivery, and providing direct educationally related services in areas of speech and language
• Positively contribute to building special services or multi-disciplinary teams which includes general and special education staff, parents, students and community agencies that work together to make appropriate student assessment and placement decisions, develop successful programs and interventions such as behavior intervention plans
• Design and implement in-class interventions (small groups, large groups and/or individual).
• Must be able to manage and organize all elements of evaluation and IEP timelines. In addition,
must comply with all written components and deadlines for paperwork which include file reviews, evaluations, IEPs and progress reports.
• Must conduct yourself as a professional at all times including honoring confidentiality, teaming with all staff and families, supporting team morale and being solution focused
• Must be willing to build relationships with parents to assist student growth
• Must be able to efficiently learn and incorporate emerging technologies into teaching, learning, and assessment
• Must have the ability to maintain effective classroom management
• Attend workshops, classes, conferences, meetings and/or other training as directed by supervisor and self-directed for the purpose of meeting requirements, enhancing knowledge, safety and security, collaborating with colleagues as an integral member of school staff etc.

Work Environment/Physical Demands: Daily work is generally performed in an indoor school
classroom. Must have the use of sensory skills in order to effectively communicate and interact with students, other faculty, staff, and parents as normally defined by the ability to see, read, talk, hear, handle, or feel objects and controls. The position also entails significant walking, bending, standing, stooping, and possible physical interventions in order to maintain a safe learning environment.

Required Knowledge Skills And Abilities:
Knowledge is demonstrated in the subject matter for which he/she is expected to teach; understands the legislated, moral and ethical framework within which they work; uses the programs of study to inform and direct planning, instruction, and assessment.

Skills needed for: identifying and responding to learner differences; plan for instruction, translating curriculum and outcomes into meaningful learning activities; create and maintain environments that are conducive to student learning and understand needs for physical, social, cultural and psychological security; teamwork skills to collaborate with the administration, colleagues, support staff and parent-teacher organization; strong organizational skills necessary to plan lessons, follow timelines for evaluations and IEPs; keep students on task and maintaining a well-ordered classroom; to organize papers, files and their own workload so they can coordinate with teachers and families in a timely manner; attention to details which is necessary to maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

Ability is required to: establish relationships with students built on respect and an unwavering belief in the ability to learn at high levels; use a broad range of instructional strategies; create an enhanced partnerships with parents that are purposeful and meaningful; identify and use relevant learning resources; to understand the importance of contributing, independently and collegially to the quality of the school; engage in reflecting on the quality of their teaching and career-long learning; understand their students’ needs, abilities and learning styles and the various ways of teaching the subject matter.

Work Relationships: Reports to building principal/superintendent. Collaborates with other district staff. Regular interactions with students and parents.

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