SLP Upcoming Graduates and Alumni Invitation (Virtual Webinar)

We are so excited to be offering a virtual webinar directed toward your soon-to-be graduating SLPs as well as recent alumni!   This is our ‘What to Expect in the Workforce’ webinar presented by an experienced, licensed Speech Language Pathologist. Some of the key content covers the different settings in which an SLP may choose to work in, licensure, CF supervision, and more.


This is directed for upcoming graduates as well as recent alumni (or all alumni) and will be February  22nd from 7:00pm-8:00pm Eastern Time.


If you would please forward this sign up link out to your upcoming and recent graduates we would love to have them join us!


February 22nd VIRTUAL SLP Webinar Sign Up



** There will be Starbucks gift cards available to all who join for the duration of the event too- YUM! YUM! **


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