Unique CF-SLP Position

I am currently looking to hire three CF SLPs for a pediatric position in Moreno Valley, CA. This position offers a unique opportunity to gain experience in working with children with autism and other speech and language related disabilities, prek- school-age. We are looking to hire one bilingual CF SLP to learn to specialize in prek-bilingual assessments and intervention. Additionally, we are looking to hire two SLP CFs to learn to specialize in AAC, autism related issues and diagnostics.


Starting salary is $84.000. Relocation assistance of $2000 will be provided, as well as a “ CF signing/licensing” trip to CA in early June will be fully covered upon signing the contract.


I would greatly appreciate if you could pass it along to your graduating class. Thank you!


To apply, please go to Apply – Aspire Special Education Law and Services or email Jim davis at Jdavis@aspirespecialed.com



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