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Re: CF position leading to advanced diagnostics certification/ IEE specialist/ SOR certification

I am writing to reach out to your program graduates because I am currently looking to hire one CF SLP for a pediatric position in Moreno Valley, CA with a unique opportunity to obtain advanced diagnostics certification, specialization in independent educational assessments (IEEs) and science of reading certification. We are looking to hire one bilingual CF SLP to learn to specialize in prek-bilingual assessments and intervention. Additionally, we are looking to hire two SLP CFs to learn to specialize in autism.

Starting salary is $100,090. Relocation assistance of $2000 will be provided, as well as a “ CF signing/licensing” trip to CA in early July will be fully covered upon signing the contract.

I would greatly appreciate if you could pass it along to your graduating class. Thank you!

To apply, please go to Apply – Aspire Special Education Law and Services or email Jim davis at

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