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National NSSLHA Student Leadership Applications Due 4/30

Applying for EC or RC Positions

The following positions are available for the 2020-2022 term:

  • President-Elect (AuD)
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice President for Finance
  • Vice President for Programming (AuD)
  • Vice President for Student State Officers (Northeast Region)
  • Vice President for Student State Officers (Western Region)


Application Steps

Confirm Your Eligibility

To apply, you must be a National NSSLHA member and a graduate student. You must be enrolled in a graduate program during the full 2-year term of the position you’re applying for. Clinical Fellows and undergraduate students are not eligible.

Submit Your Application–April 30, 2020

Applications for the above-mentioned positions are now open.

Applications Reviewed by the National NSSLHA Office

All applications will be reviewed by the National NSSLHA Office to confirm eligibility.

Applications Reviewed by the Executive Council

The Executive Council will review eligible applications and approve those slated for a position.

New Executive Council Members Announced

Approved Executive Council members will be notified by late June. The NSSLHA National Office will announce the results in July.

Terms Begin

Executive Council members will start their 2-year term on July 1.


Applying for SSO Positions

One audiology and one speech-language pathology Student State Officer (SSO) position is available per state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico for the 2020-2021 term.


Application Steps

Confirm Your Eligibility

To apply, you must be a National NSSLHA member, an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a CSD program in the state in which you’re applying, and enrolled during the full SSO term. Clinical Fellows are not eligible.

Submit Your Application–April 30, 2020

Applications are now open.

Applications Reviewed by the National NSSLHA Office

All applications will be reviewed by the National NSSLHA Office to confirm eligibility.

Applications Reviewed by the Executive Council

The Executive Council will review eligible applications and approve those slated for a position.

Selected SSOs Notified

Selected SSOs will be notified in July. The NSSLHA National Office will announce the results in September.

Terms Begin

SSOs will officially start their 1-year term on September 1, but on boarding may begin in August.

Camp Yakety Yak volunteer and intern opportunity for students

Camp Yakety Yak is a camp designed for school-age children with autism.  Each summer we have a professional staff of special educators and speech-language pathologists who work with graduate students, college students and high school student volunteers to put on a wonderful camp experience for a special population of children who otherwise might not be able to attend summer camp.  We provide about 22 hours of training prior to camp to help equip college students with the knowledge they will need to be camp leaders. Each summer we have college student interns from all around the country, which makes for a fun opportunity for them to network. We have paid internship opportunities available as well as general volunteer positions. There is an opportunity to receive a personalized letter of recommendation from our professional staff for jobs or graduate school.

Our website is up and running, ready to take applications for the Summer 2020 camp sessions.  Since each college promotes volunteer opportunities in different ways, would you help us spread the word to your department?  If you have a community service or intern fair that we can be part of, please let me know and I can see if someone from our camp staff can come represent.  If you have peer mentors that work with your special needs students, could you pass this information on to those teachers who can help us reach the students that might be interested? Honor students might also be interested in a way to gain their volunteer hours over the summer.  I have attached a flyer that will help guide a potential college intern through our application process.

To apply visit campyaketyyak.org!

Questions? Call (971) 303-3901 or email info@campyaketyyak.org.

SLP Helpers Wanted at TLC ASHA Booth


Be a TLC helper for just 1 hour at Booth 1072.

Why? You’ll have fun with the whole TLC team, meet lots of incredible attendees and earn a valuable gift!

Plus…they need you! Giving away $100 of freebies to all attendees & passing out prizes from their famous TLC wheel, they’ll be one of the busiest booths again this year.


TLC is scheduling on a first come, first served basis.

Use the link below by Friday, Nov. 15th to apply to be a helper! TLC will contact you to let you know if you’re chosen and what your time slot(s) will be. The gift they’re giving is revealed in the application form!

Click here to apply to be a helper!

For more information about TLC, visit their website by clicking here.

Volunteer Opportunity at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital is looking for volunteers for their annual DHH (Deaf and Hard of Hearing) St. Patrick’s Day Carnival on 03/16! They’ve had UW students volunteer every year and would welcome the opportunity again this year.

The carnival consists of fun carnival games, face-painting, entertainment, sno-cones, and a light lunch for Deaf/hard of hearing children of all ages and their families. This free event is Saturday, March 16th from 11am – 2 pm in the Seattle Children’s Hospital Sound Cafe Dining Room.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Amy Melick at amy.melick@seattlechildrens.org

Get Involved: FIUTS CulturalFest 2019 Performance Showcase + International Expo

FIUTS CulturalFest is an annual celebration of the diversity and vitality of the international community on our campus and in our region. Showcasing both the University of Washington’s global campus and its student leadership, CulturalFest features a full day of interactive cultural booths (February 7, 2019) and an evening performance showcase of global music and dance (February 2, 2019). Produced by FIUTS and the FIUTS Student Board, CulturalFest provides an opportunity for hundreds of students and scholars from around the world to share art and culture from their home countries and welcomes thousands of globally-minded visitors of all ages and backgrounds to the UW for cultural exploration and learning.

From performing on the Meany Hall stage to presenting at the International Expo, we invite you to be a part of CulturalFest! Apply now to get involved.

Performance applications are now being accepted from UW students, faculty, staff, scholars, and alumni who wish to audition to be a part of the Performance Showcase. The application is online and the deadline is November 4. Applicants should be available to audition November 13, 15, or 16. Selected individuals and groups will be invited to perform at Meany Hall on the evening of February 2. (Please note that community groups are welcome to audition, if at least one member is affiliated with the UW.)

Booth applications for the International Expo are also available online. CulturalFest booths are developed and staffed by student volunteers from all over the world. The expo will be open for public viewing in the HUB Ballrooms on February 7.

Learn more at: http://www.fiuts.org/culturalfest

YMCA Day Camp Behavior/Inclusion Specialist Position & Volunteer Opportunity

YMCA Day Camp programs for Pierce and Kitsap counties:

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase in a need for parents of children with special needs to find a place for them to attend camp.  Last summer, we piloted a behavior/inclusion specialist position at our Y in Silverdale for our day camp program and it was a huge success.  This summer, we want to include this position at all of our YMCA day camp programs (Sumner, Puyallup, Lakewood, Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Silverdale)

We want to hire a behavior/inclusion specialist for each of our summer day camp locations ( 7 total).  The role of this staff member is to meet with parents and their campers who need a little extra help to be successful in camp before summer and then offer that assistance over the summer by either working directly with the camper as needed, or assisting the camp staff in working with that camper.  We are not able to provide a one on one inclusion specialist, but do believe that with prior planning and working with the parents, we can help the campers be successful in camp.  Day Camp runs from June 18-August 31st, but we would like this position to come on by late April for 20-25 hours a week to help prep for camp, then 40 hours a week once camp starts. 

A new idea for this summer – we have a large number of parents in need of a one on one aid for their child in camp.  Since it would be expensive to hire a staff as a one on one aid for the summer, I am exploring the idea of volunteer one on one aids.  Perhaps students in need of practical hours who would be willing to do those hours in a day camp setting.  We have 10-11 weeks of camp total – 40 hours a week, so they would get a large number of hours.  I did this version previously when I worked at the Y of San Diego and it was a very successful partnership with our local university. 

Please note that Graduate Students would not be able to receive formal clock hours for the experience.

Christy Wagnon | Association Director of Day Camp
ASSOCIATION OFFICE | 4717 South 19th Street #201, Tacoma, WA 98405 | 253-534-7800
P  253-534-7843
ymcapkc.org | facebook.com/ymcapkc |  twitter.com/ymcapkc

UW Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center Volunteer Opportunity

The Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC) is looking for volunteers to support the front-desk at the Speech Clinic!

Volunteers will be provided hands-on experience in a busy speech and language clinic as well as the ability to observe our licensed and certified speech-language pathologists to attain any required observation hours. The Speech Clinic at HSDC provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for pediatric and adult clients with a range of communication needs including language delays, use of AAC, fluency, and transgender voice training.

 Interested volunteers can access the application form at our website: https://www.hsdc.org/ways-to-give/volunteer/ or email our program assistant directly at speechadmin@hsdc.org


Thank you for considering to volunteer at HSDC!

HSDC Behnke Preschool Volunteer Opportunity, Seattle

Behnke Preschool is a unique preschool with an emphasis on language and literacy. Our curriculum is progressive, developmental, and multi-sensory with individualization. We take a theme-based approach to learning and integrate early math, science, social studies, language, music, art, and social skills into fun and interactive activities. We serve children with and without hearing loss and/or speech-language delays.

Work Description:
We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about working with young children (ages three to five) and who enjoy promoting learning through language, reading, and fun! Classroom volunteers are expected to engage with children, which may include reading books, supporting art projects, engaging in pretend play, and encouraging positive social interactions. In addition to playing with the children, we may ask our volunteers to assist the teachers with prep work or handling of materials as needed. During snack time we ask that you help prepare snack items as well as wash the cups and bowls when finished. Additionally, volunteers are welcome to read our daily story if they would like a more hands-on experience!


The students work directly with the children making an impact on their lives now and in the future. One parent states: “We really appreciate all of the time, effort, and attention to detail that the teachers put into making the classroom a special, fun, and engaging place for the kids. Awesome!” This time and attention would not be possible without the help of volunteers such as yourself.

Please contact Kelsey Peterson at kpeterson@hsdc.org if you have any questions or are interested!

Volunteer Position with the Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center

Gain hands-on experience with the Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center (HSDC)!

HSDC is a local nonprofit that provides Audiology and Speech services among other support services to people facing communication challenges due to hearing or speech.

Currently looking for volunteers in the Speech, Language & Literacy Department

  • 2-6 hrs/wk
  • Asking for a 3 month commitment
  • Time set aside for observing speech-therapy sessions
  • Other volunteering tasks include:
    • Helping to schedule appointments
    • Prep therapy materials
    • Learn about Electronic Medical Records by entering case notes
    • Answer phones and greet clients
    • Connect patients to billing to get insurance/payment questions answered


Also looking for Speech-Language Preschool volunteers & a part-time assistant teacher

  • 10-15 hrs/wk
  • January-June 2018
  • Must be available some days between 9 am – 3 pm
  • Learn about how to include speech therapy in preschool classroom
  • Interact with 3-5 years-olds individually and in groups
  • Work with experienced SLPs and SLPAs

Volunteer Positions Available with ALS Association-Evergreen Chapter

Volunteer Positions Available

This position is a for those who would like to make a difference with people living with ALS. Seeking volunteers to assemble and create low-tech communications boards to distribute to Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) and Care Services Staff (contents have already been chosen). This is to aid SLP’s during treatment sessions, in order to immediately be able to loan a communication items free of charge to clients. Students work under the guidance of the Assistive Technology Coordinator with the ALS Association Evergreen Chapter.

Requirements & Commitment

• Transportation to the Kent Main Office

If interested, please contact: Jackie Gaddis jackie@alsa-ec.org 253-350-2043