Tenth Circular: Banquet Reservations

This is the tenth STLS-2016 circular with important information about the banquet. This circular is being sent only to people who have registered to attend the workshop.

In this circular:
1. Banquet Reservations (deadline: September 1)
2. Abstract Updates (deadline: September 1)
3. Late Registration (deadline: August 31, cost: $100)
4. Presenter Information
5. Additional Notes

1. Banquet Reservations

The workshop banquet will be held on Friday, September 9, 7:00-9:00 pm at the Talaris Conference Center. If you wish to attend the banquet, you must reserve a space before September 1. You may bring family members or friends to the banquet as paying guests.

If you registered for the workshop by August 15, the banquet is free. The cost of the banquet for guests and late registrants is US$40, payable in cash at the workshop.

In order to make a reservation, please fill out the banquet reservation form on the workshop website.

On September 9, a chartered bus will pick up banquet-goers from the Deca Hotel at approximately 6:30pm and the TraveLodge at approximately 6:45pm and will return from the banquet site to the hotels at approximately 9:00pm. You are also free to arrange your own transportation.

2. Abstract Updates

We will compile presentation abstracts into an abstract booklet for distribution at the workshop. If you are a presenter, please update your abstract by September 1 to include your name and affiliation. You can also update the content. Instructions for updating your abstract are on the Registration page of the website.

3. Late Registration

Pre-registration has ended. It is still possible to register for the workshop by August 31, but we must charge a fee of $100 (payable in cash during the workshop). Register at http://blogs.uw.edu/stls2016/register/.

4. Presenter Information

If you are a workshop presenter, please visit the Presenter Information page on the website for information about preparing your presentation.

5. Additional notes

• We will provide breakfast, lunch, and two coffee breaks during all three days of the workshop. There is a Thursday evening Welcome Reception and a Friday evening Banquet. All meals are free for attendees who preregistered by August 15. Dinner will NOT be provided on Saturday, the last day of the workshop.

• We will NOT provide bags to workshop attendees. All of you probably have closets full of bags received at other conferences and workshops over the years. Please bring your own bag to the conference. We will provide pens, notebooks, and abstract books to registered participants.

• The breakfast items include Ham and Cheese Croissants, Scones with Butter and Jam, Fresh Fruit, Greek Yogurt, Orange Juice, Coffee, and Tea. We provide this information so that you can decide if you wish to eat breakfast at the workshop or find your own breakfast outside.

• The program on the workshop website continues to be updated. If you are a presenter, please take a look to ensure that your presentation is scheduled, and that your name and talk title are correct. Please contact the organizers immediately if anything needs to be changed.

• If you are on the program but are unable to attend the workshop, please let us know immediately.

With all best wishes,

Zev Han­del (on behalf of the STLS-2016 Orga­niz­ing Com­mit­tee)

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