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The following handouts were distributed at the workshop and are available for download here. They are in order by presentation schedule.

Full Program

Time Mins September 8
September 9
September 10
8:00 am Breakfast and check-in
8:30 am Breakfast Breakfast
8:45 am 15 Welcoming remarks
Session 1:

Graham Thurgood
Session 5:

Guillaume Jacques
Session 9:

Jackson T.-S. Sun
9:00 am 40 Invited Keynote: Presentation 1:

Scott DeLancey
Reconstructing hierarchical argument indexation in Trans-Himalayan
Invited Keynote: Presentation 2:

LIN You-Jing
Phonology and lexicon of the Tatsi dialect of Japhug Rgyalrong, with an attempt to identify loanwords from Situ Rgyalrong
Invited Keynote: Presentation 3:

SHI Xiangdong
9:40 am 35
James A. Matisoff
Lahu in the 21st century: vocabulary enrichment and orthographical issues
David Bradley
Topic in Lisu
Henriette Daudey and Pincuo Gerong
An exploration of Pumi ritual language
10:15 am 20 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Session 2:

James A. Matisoff
Session 6:

Zihe Li
Session 10:

Alexis Michaud
10:35 am 35
Guillaume Jacques
The life cycle of multiple indexation and bipartite verbs in Sino-Tibetan
Relativization in Guiqiong
Chris Donlay
Hidden complexity as a feature of Sino-Tibetan languages:
The view from Khatso
11:10 am 35
Jackson T.-S. SUN and Qianzi TIAN
Argument Indexation patterns in Horpa languages: a major Rgyalrongic subgroup
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Typological description of existential verbs and expressions in the Tibetic languages spoken in the eastern Tibetosphere
Influences of tone on the diachrony of Zbu Rgyalrong vocalism
11:45 am 35
Yang GAO
Person marking in Menya
GAO Tao and ZHOU Junxun
Gwendolyn Hyslop
East Bodish reconstructions in a comparative light
12:20 pm 90 Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
Session 3:

David Bradley
Session 7:

Jonathan Evans
Session 11:

Henriette Daudey
1:50 pm 35
Graham Thurgood
Towards sorting out the phylogenetic and the areal in Qiangic
Tingsheng ZHOU
Encoding of spatial relations: motion, direction and location in Lalo
Jesse Gates
/æ/ and /ɑ/ in Stau: phonology, diachronic sound change in Tibetan loan words, and dialect variation
2:25 pm 35
Yunfan LAI and Yina
Inverse marking in Khroskyabs
Yeshe Vodsal Atsok
Stress phenomena in Tibetan Language
Hiroyuki Suzuki and Tashi Nyima
‘Bo skad, a newly recognised non-Tibetic variety spoken in mDzo sgang, TAR: a brief introduction to its sociolinguistic situation, sounds, and vocabulary
3:00 pm 20 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Session 4:

Gwendolyn Hyslop
Session 8:

You-Jing Lin
Session 12:

Zev Handel
3:20 pm 35
Jonathan Evans
Dáràng (达让) verb inflection
Alexis Michaud
The tone system of Yongning Na in evolutionary perspective: first steps towards a dialectal-comparative study of tone and morphotonology
Sami Honkasalo
Verb morphology in Geshizha Horpa
3:55 pm 35
The stem 3 in Brag-dbar dialect of Situ Rgyalrong
Zev Handel and Katia Chirkova*
Duoxu tonal developments in Tibeto-Burman context
Qianzi TIAN and Jackson T.-S. SUN
On tense and aspect in Gexi Horpa
4:30 pm 35
Yunfan LAI
The intransitive prefix ʁ- in Wobzi Khroskyabs
Zihe LI
Tonal correspondences among Naish languages and a tentative analysis in evolutionary perspective
Closing remarks and future planning
5:05 pm Adjournment Adjournment Adjournment
5:30 pm Welcome reception
6:30 pm Banquet
Talaris Center

* = in absentia