Flying to Seattle

The nearest major airport to the conference site is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), also known as Sea-Tac.

From the airport to University of Washington campus and nearby hotels

The airport is located 13 miles south of downtown Seattle and 18 miles from the workshop site on the University of Washington campus.

Taxi or Shuttle

Traveling by car from the airport to campus can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. You can get a rough estimate of the current travel time from this Google Maps page.

A taxi ride costs roughly US $50-$55. It is customary to tip the taxi driver between 10 and 15%.

Please consult the web site of the hotel you are staying at for suggestions on the best ways to reach your hotel from the airport, which may include using an airport shuttle service.

light rail

Seattle’s Link Light Rail public transit line was extended to the University of Washington in March 2016. There is now a direct train from Sea-Tac Airport to the University. The Airport Station is located about a 15-minute walk from the terminal building. The ride to the University of Washington Station, which is the last stop on the line, takes 45 minutes (regardless of traffic conditions). The fare is $3.25.

From the University of Washington light rail station, it is a 10-minute walk to the conference venue; a 20-minute walk to Travelodge; or a 25-minute walk to Hotel Deca. If you have a lot of luggage you may want to take a taxi or bus to your hotel. The #372 goes to Travelodge, and the #65 and #78 go near the Travelodge; the #43 and #44 go to Hotel Deca. Ask the bus driver for help getting off at the right place. Bus fare is $2.50 or $2.75 depending on the time of day.

Public transit fare payment

You can buy a pre-paid ORCA farecard which works on buses and light rail.

Light rail tickets can be purchased from machines in the station, using credit card or cash. Bus fare can be paid in cash.


西雅图塔科马国际机场(Seattle-Tacoma International Airport,简称西塔科Sea-Tac,IATA代码: SEA)为最邻近研讨会地点的国际机场。




使用汽车从机场前往华盛顿大学视交通状况需要20-60分钟不等,可使用google map功能得到即时的粗估交通时间。

轻轨列车 (Link Light Rail)

西雅图轻轨铁路运输系统已于2016年3月延伸至华盛顿大学,且可从西雅图塔科马国际机场直达华盛顿大学(终点:University of Washington)。从航站前往轻轨机场站徒步约15分钟,搭乘至终点站华盛顿大学约需45分钟(不考虑交通状况),车资3.25美元。