Call for Recent UW Tacoma Faculty Publications

UW Tacoma Faculty: Please let us know about your publicaitons

If you are a UW Tacoma faculty member and have published a new book, article, op-ed, or other scholarly or creative work, please let the Library know so that we can share your work on your Author Profile in SelectedWorks.

There are now two ways to send us this information:

  • Create/Update profile – If you don’t yet have a profile or you’d like us to make any changes to your profile, use this form.
  • Submit publication(s) – If you’d like to submit a new publication or list of publications, use this form.

If you send us information about your new or forthcoming publications, Library staff will then take care of updating your profile. What we’re able to publicly share largely depends on the type of work:

  • Books and monographs: The Library strives to purchase all of the books published by UW Tacoma faculty. If you send us the title, we’ll purchase a print copy for UW Tacoma Faculty Publications Collection and an electronic version for the UW Libraries, whenever available.
  • Articles, book chapters, and shorter work: For scholarly peer-reviewed articles, we check the journal policies via Sherpa/ROMEO and determine which version of an article can be shared publicly. We will then provide you with a publication report that shows which articles can be publicly shared on your profile. If the journal doesn’t allow deposit – or if you don’t wish to share the work – we provide a link to the UW Restricted version on your profile. You may also provide direct links to any articles available online in other places. For book chapters, we will need confirmation from the publisher that you have the rights to deposit it.
  • Multimedia: We have the capacity to embed media files hosted on third-party sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud. If you have media materials you’d like shared on your profile, just send us the link, and we’ll work with you to determine the best place to post it.

For more information about the author profiles and UW Tacoma Digital Commons, please view the Faculty guide to SelectecWorks or email

Written by Justin Wadland, Associate Director, UW Tacoma Library & Head, Digital Scholarship Program