The Tacoma Community History Project is a collection of oral histories created by students in the “Doing Community History” class offered principally by Dr. Michael Honey at the University of Washington Tacoma since 1990.

This blog seeks to provide selections from the more 80 oral histories that have been completed. In doing so, its aim is to acknowledge the people who’ve helped shape the Tacoma and South Puget Sound that we know today. The blog posts contain newspaper clippings, photographs, and interview recordings collected by our contributors. The South Puget Sound has a vast history that includes inspiring people and incredible stories from diverse communities. We invite you to see, read, and hear those stories.

For questions about the blog, please contact Justin Wadland, Associate Director, Digital Scholarship Program, UW Tacoma Library.

Faculty/Staff contributors

Student contributors

  • Erika Wigren
  • Karin Crelling
  • Akiko Nojiri
  • Jordan Woolston
  • Katherine L. Jennison
  • Rachael Williamson
  • TeyAnjulee Leon
  • Cecelia La-Pointe Gorman
  • Miguel Douglas