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Upcoming Talks

Tues May 14 (CORE Series – double header)
Rainer Sinn, Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Freie Universität Berlin
Daniel Plaumann, Fakultät für Mathematik, Technische Universität Dortmund
Tuesday May 14, 2019, More Hall 234, 4pm-5:30pm
From conic programming to real algebraic geometry and back

Fri May 17 (CORE Series)
Amir Ali Ahmadi, Dept. of Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University
Friday May 17, 2019, ECE 037, 2:30pm
Nonnegative polynomials: from optimization to control and learning

Tues Oct 8 (CORE Series)
Time and Location TBA
Cynthia VinzantDept. of Mathematics, North Carolina State University


Winter 2017 Calendar

Jan 17
Amy Wiebe, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
On representing the positive semidefinite cone using the second order cone

Jan 31 [CORE]
Jon Lee, Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan
Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization: Let’s get crazy!

Feb 7
Asen L. DontchevMathematical Reviews and University of Michigan
Strong Metric Subregularity

Feb 14
Lynn Chua, Department of Computer Science, UC Berkeley
Gram spectrahedra

Feb 21
Rebecca Hoberg, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
Number balancing is as hard as Minkowski’s theorem

Mar 14
Abe Engle, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
Local Convergence Rates of a Gauss-Newton Method for Convex Compositions

Spring 2017 Calendar

Apr 11 [CORE]
Liza Levina, Department of Statistics, University of Michigan
Interpretable Prediction Models for Network-Linked Data

Apr 18 [CORE]
Zaid Harchaoui, Department of Statistics, University of Washington
Catalyst, Generic Acceleration Scheme for Gradient-based Optimization

Apr 25
Andrew Pryhuber, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
A QCQP Approach for Triangulation

May 2
Scott Roy, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
An Optimal First-order Method Based on Optimal Quadratic Averaging

May 9
Peng Zheng, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Washington
What’s the shape of your penalty?

May 30
Kellie MacPheeDepartment of Mathematics, University of Washington
Gauge and perspective duality

Jun 1
Madeleine UdellDept. of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University
Sketchy Decisions: Convex Low-Rank Matrix Optimization with Optimal Storage

Jun 6
Hongzhou Lin, Inria Grenoble
A Generic Quasi-Newton Algorithm for Faster Gradient-Based Optimization

Autumn 2016 Calendar

Oct 11 [TOPS]
Harishchandra Ramadas, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
A Deterministic Algorithm for Discrepancy Minimization

Nov 1 [TOPS]
Reza Eghbali, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington
Worst Case Competitive Analysis of Online Algorithms for Conic Optimization

Nov 7 [EE Lytle Lecture – Broad Audience]
David Donoho, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
See details here.

Nov 8 [EE Lytle Lecture – Colloquium]
David Donoho, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
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Nov 15 [TOPS]
Rainer SinnSchool of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Positive semidefinite matrix completion and sums of squares

Nov 21 [TOPS – special date]
Jonathan Jedwab, Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
How many mutually unbiased bases can exist in complex space of dimension d?

Nov 22 [TOPS]
Jonathan Jonker, Department of Mathematics, University of Washington
Singular Kalman Smoothing

Nov 29 [TOPS]
Yin-Tat Lee, Microsoft Research
Geodesic Walks

Dec 1 [CORE / CSE Theory Seminar]
David Shmoys, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
Models and Algorithms for the Operation and Design of Bike-Sharing Systems

Dec 2 [Math Across Campus – Broad Audience]
David Shmoys, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
See details here.

Winter 2016 Calendar

January 12
James Davis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Customer Choice Models and Assortment Optimization

January 19
João Gouveia, Departament of Mathematics, University of Coimbra
Positive semidefinite rank and representations of polytopes

February 9
Jane Ye, Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Victoria

On solving bilevel programming problems

February 23
Tristan van Leeuwen, Utrecht University
A penalty method for PDE-constrained optimization in inverse problems

March 8 [core]
Katya Scheinberg, Lehigh University
Using randomized models in black-box, derivative free and stochastic optimization

Spring 2015 Calendar

March 30 [CORE]
Andrew Fitzgibbon, Microsoft Research, Cam­bridge.
Learning about Shape

April 14
Andreas Griewank, Institut für Mathematik, Humboldt University of Berlin.
Lipschitzian Piecewise Smooth Optimization

April 28 [CORE]
Joel Tropp, Department of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, Caltech.
Applied Random Matrix Theory

May 5
Frank Per­me­nter, EECS Depart­ment, MIT.
Par­tial facial reduc­tion: sim­pli­fied, equiv­a­lent SDPs via approx­i­ma­tions of the PSD cone

May 12
Sebastian Bubeck, MSR.
The Entropic Barrier: A New and Optimal Universal Self-concordant Barrier

May 19 [CORE]
Jonathan Kelner, MIT.
Bridging the Numerical and the Combinatorial: Emerging Tools, Techniques, and Design Principles for Graph Algorithms

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Winter 2015 Calendar

January 13 [CORE]
James Renegar, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell.
Extending the Applicability of Efficient First-Order Methods for Convex Optimization

January 15 [CORE, CSE]
Jon Kleinberg, Depart­ments of Com­puter Sci­ence and Infor­ma­tion Sci­ence, Cornell.
Incen­tives for Col­lec­tive Behav­ior: Badges, Pro­cras­ti­na­tion, and Long-Range Goals

January 27
Hon Leung Lee, Department of Mathematics, UW.
Minimizing Distance to an Orthogonally Invariant Matrix Set

February 24
Emily Fox, Department of Statistics, UW.
Lever­ag­ing Opti­miza­tion Tech­niques to Scale Bayesian Inference

February 27 [MAC]
Jeannette Wing, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Research.
Computational Thinking

March 10
Jiashan Wang, Department of Mathematics, UW.
Iterative Re-weighted Linear Least Squares for Exact Penalty Subproblems on Product Sets

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