Fall 2014 Calendar

October 14
Annie Raymond, Department of Mathematics, UW.
A New Conjecture for Union-Closed Families

October 28
Jonathan Hauenstein, Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, University of Notre Dame.
Optimization and Numerical Algebraic Geometry

November 13 (Thursday — EEB 003)
Henry Wolkowicz, Department of Mathematics, University of Waterloo.
Taking Advantage of Degeneracy in Cone Optimization: with Applications to Sensor Network Localization

November 18
Daniela Witten, Department of Biostatistics, UW.
Flexible Graphical Modeling

November 25
Emily Fox, Department of Statistics, UW.

December 2 [CORE – EEB125]
Peter Bürgisser, Institute for Mathematics, TU Berlin.
Condition of Convex Optimization and Spherical Intrinsic Volumes

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