This blog is intended as a place where UW law faculty and others with an interest in the law of lawyering can post short pieces of general interest.   One might, for example, post a comment about a recently decided judicial decision.  Or a recently adopted (or pending) piece of legislation or regulation.   Or book you have read.   You will notice that there is a separate page entitled “Law of Lawyering in Washington Updates.”   That page is intended exclusively for the authors of the book of the same name (Andrews, Aronson, Fucile & Lachman, The Law of Lawyering in Washington (2012)) published by the Washington State Bar Association to post updates to the material in that book.   Users of the published book may wish to subscribe to the blog to supplement their use of the book, although anything posted on that page by the authors is not “officially” part of the book until formally published by the WSBA.    Users of the LOLW book are free to post comments in response to updates to the book found on the LOLW page or to point out errors or omissions in the book by way of comments to that page.

If you simply wish to read posts, you can choose from the list of “recent posts” on the right or drop down to search for categories of posts lower down.   Please let me know if I can make this blog more useful to you.

For your convenience, here are links to the most important Washington rules governing the law of lawyering:

Washington Rules of Professional Conduct

Washington Admission and Practice Rules

Washington Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct

Washington General Rule 24 (Defining the Practice of Law)

Washington Code of Judicial Conduct

Limited License Legal Technician Rules of Professional Conduct (in Word Format)

Limited Practice Rule for Limited License Legal Technicians (in Word Format)