Alumni Profile: Josh Scullin

Social and Historical Studies grad Josh Scullin is moving on to big things after receiving his degree in June. He recently accepted a position as the new Museum Manager for the Tacoma Historical Society, something he feels well prepared for thanks to his History major.  “I don’t doubt that my writing and analytical skills gained at UWT were instrumental to being offered the position,” says Josh. “Those same skills also earned me a place in the University of Washington’s Masters of Library and Information Science Program.”

Reflecting on his time at UW Tacoma, Josh will fondly remember his instructors’ willingness to be challenged by different ideas, as well as his favorite classes, the History Methods Research and Writing Seminar and History Capstone. “Having two full quarters to really dig into a personally significant research project while refining your writing and research skills in preparation of an academic presentation is an exceptionally rewarding way to culminate your time as an undergrad,” he says of the two part class.

Josh has this advice for other students: “…explore classes outside your concentration—you may be surprised at what you find interesting—and get to know your professors as building such relationships can be beneficial far beyond your four years as an undergrad.”

Congratulations to Josh on his new position! We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

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