Alumni Profile: Carly Gliva

After being unable to find the right fit with the degree programs offered, UWT alumni Carly Gliva decided to build a customized degree in Nonprofit Development and Management. Now, just a few weeks after graduation, Carly has already found employment in the nonprofit sector as the Development Program Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity Seattle King County. “I designed my degree in Nonprofit Development and Management specifically because I wanted to find a job in the nonprofit sector, and it worked,” says Carly.

She says that she will always remember the students and professors she worked with. By participating in internships and mentorship her final year, Carly felt “well oriented to the strategy and practices commonly used in the fundraising profession; something that wouldn’t have happened without [her] unique course plan…”

Referring to the internships and mentoring she received as a senior, Carly says, “I’ve had the privilege to learn from some amazing and inspirational women with those opportunities, and I am so excited to continue learning from the accomplished women in leadership here at Habitat SKC.”

Congratulations on your new job Carly!


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