Monthly Archives: March 2014

Yo te diera, mi bien, por tus amores hasta la sangre que hierve en mis arterias.

If love makes one feel deep pain
And condemns one to live in misery
For your love, I would give you, my dear
Even the blood that boils within my veins

If it is the fountain of mystic grief
And makes men drag long chains
I swear to you I will drag them across
The infinite and black seas of my sorrows.

Have we caught your attention? Above is a translation of¬†Juramento¬†(Matamoros, arr. Silva), one of the many songs we are singing in our concert. Get ready for an exciting evening dedicated to Latin American composers and poets! In case you’re not intrigued enough, the rest of our program will feature songs about:

  • Nighttime descending upon the tree of the lonely soul
  • A prayer, asking for mercy in times of strife
  • The lament of the guitar and how it incessantly longs for something lost
  • Killing off the darkness within us
  • The life and times of a cat (yes, you read that correctly: a cat)

By the way, it’s in two days! Plus, we will be sharing the stage with Ballard High School’s Chamber Choir (under the direction of Courtney Pelavin), as well as the University of Washington’s Chamber Singers: their program about stars will surely make this a cosmic evening. We hope to see you all there!