Monthly Archives: April 2014

Maurice Duruflé!

What have we been up to lately? Words cannot express fully all that we’ve done so far, so let’s recap using multimedia!

Over the past few weeks (and in fact, much of winter quarter), we’ve been relentlessly rehearsing for this concert:


We had our Spring Retreat, where we thoroughly worked on this quarter’s repertoire, and where this happened.

During a rehearsal in Meany Hall, we practiced some Laban techniques.

We worked with Dr. Johnathan Talberg, who provided great insights on Duruflé’s Requiem. Fun fact: he studied under the maestro who conducted the premiere of this piece!

Finally, Dr. Wyers conducted a choir… of instruments. Yeah, that joke fell flat, but you should check out this video anyways. She’s a natural! (Oops, I accidentally made music puns).

Get excited! All of this preparation will come to fruition this Tuesday, April 22nd. It will be a beautiful concert!