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Firelight_Banner_2_880x399On Friday, November 6th, the Chorale performed in an amazing concert with Grammy winning composer Mateo Messina. We were on fire, well, everyone was on fire! All the guest artists were phenomenal, including Sweet Water, Shawn Smith, Sela Tuiono, and the Columbia Boys and Girls Choir, and they really gave us a kick in energy when we were on stage. Although the performance was entertaining and the purpose was to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital, the meaning stretches far beyond that. 11041117_10153718356817692_5806972078393432465_nWe were lucky to have him come over to our rehearsal before the concert and gave us his thoughts and inspirations behind the project. Fire is a central part in the human history, but the idea of fire has changed from a necessity for survival to a symbol of stories from our past, of our lives. Everyone, healthy or ill, rich or poor, has the responsibility to pass on their stories to the next generation. This is the second time for the UW Chorale to work with Mateo, with the first time in 2013 also for the benefit concert (See A Symphony of Perspective). Every time we work with Mateo, we receive gifts that are not just music, but also new ideas, perspectives, and inspirations. We enjoyed working with Mateo a lot and looking forward to our next coopration.

Even though the Firelight concert was over last week, the UW Chorale has not burn out the fire yet. We are already looking ahead into December and have our minds and focus directed to our Fall Choral Concert “The Unbreakable Mirror.” On Monday during our rehearsal, we quickly reviewed our songs for the repertoire and had a small performance by the boys and girls in the Chorale. There will be one song in the up-coming Chorale concert that will be sung by males only, and another one by females only. The girls and boys in the choir have been split in separate rooms to practice these two songs during rehearsals, and on Monday was the first time we’ve ever heard each other.

IMAG0187The song that the boys performed was called Gao Shan Qing. Now, I have to step out side as a blogger and acknowledge the boys form my personal view – they were fantastic!! Their enunciation was great; I could almost understand every Chinese word they sang. Their color and power was also just right and beautiful. You can really see that they’ve worked hard on the material.

IMAG0198The girls performed after they boys, and the song was called Hymn to the Waters. It’s a song that requires a lot of internal energy while being very quiet and light. The tempo was much faster then expected, but the girls were great in adjusting quickly and get into the space faster. The tone of the girls were clear and smooth, dispite from the fast tempo, and beautifully created an image of falling angels (at least that’s how I’d like to think of ourselves as).

There are many things and projects still in progess, in Chorale and in our lives. We enjoy every moments possible and try to make the best music out of very opportunity. At the moment we are still working on the details of our songs, and with time, we will definately give you – our friends, families, and fans – another memorable experience.

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About University of Washington Chorale

The UW Chorale is a premiere undergraduate choral ensemble at UW and is known for its highly expressive performances and technical abilities. Entrance is competitive, and is based upon the following factors: strong vocal technique, strong sight-singing skills, expressive depth, a solid work ethic, and the willingness to work communally with others to reach the highest possible standards. UW Chorale plays an active role in promoting the UW music department through frequent performances and community appearances, as well as a yearly tour and/or CD recording.

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