Celebrate The Unbreakable Mirror

Wow. It’s been a while since I last made a post. I’m sure a lot of you are dying to know what we are up to. Before I update you on our current status, I’d like to share a couple of happiness with you my friends: We earned about $330,000 for the Seattle Children’s at the Firelight Benefit Concert AND our CD Refuge has made its way to the FINALS division of the American Prize for Choral Performance!! Yeah~~~but WAIT, it’s not the time for cakes and champagne yet, not until you’ve join us at our concert today or go to one of the Holiday POPS Concerts that will be hold in Beneroya next weekend.

Yes. We have big goals this year and we have been working very hard to achieve them. The amount of responsibility and challenge we take on is tremendous, considering that we are all college students and have other things going on. But, we all love singing and we’d like people to hear us. As a result, we have the Firelight Concert in November, the Fall Concert, the UW traditional CarolFest, and the Seattle Holiday POPS concerts all in December. That’s a lot of concerts and what comes with them, of course, are effort, time, and energy.

After our success in the Firelight Concert, we jumped right in into our music for the Fall Concert, which will be happening today at 7:30pm in Meany Hall (click here for tickets). The pieces chosen for this quarter are beautiful but challenging. As a matter of fact, when we rehearsed in Meany on the Monday of the Thanksgiving week, it was no doubt that we were not ready. Dr. Wyers was encouraging, but the fear was almost palpable. However, the situation completely changed after coming back from Thanksgiving. In our rehearsals this week, we have got ourselves ready and found our confidence on stage. Every voice took their responsibility, and it was a moment of pure happiness to know that we all care about singing in the same way.

Now, I’d like to invite you to our concert – The Unbreakable Mirror – to enjoy the songs and voices that we are about to give you, and to witness our growth and the path that we are about to take on.

— See you soon —

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About University of Washington Chorale

The UW Chorale is a premiere undergraduate choral ensemble at UW and is known for its highly expressive performances and technical abilities. Entrance is competitive, and is based upon the following factors: strong vocal technique, strong sight-singing skills, expressive depth, a solid work ethic, and the willingness to work communally with others to reach the highest possible standards. UW Chorale plays an active role in promoting the UW music department through frequent performances and community appearances, as well as a yearly tour and/or CD recording.

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