Fairies at the CarolFest

Last Thursday, we had our combined Fall Choral Concert with the Chamber Singers. I hope for those who went to the concert enjoyed the time being there because we definitely had a good time on stage making music. On Monday during rehearsal, we shared some good comments that we heard from our friends and families with each other. We always take some time in rehearsal after each performance to reflect on the good and bad things on the performance. It’s a way for us to know what people like about us and what we can do to make our next performance better.

“My job – is to push you as far as possible, but enough so that you don’t fall off from the cliff,” said Dr. Wyers.

This statement that she made about her responsibility in this group no doubt mirrors her actions since the beginning of the quarter. We acknowledge her hard work, and truly appreciate how far she has brought us within a short period of time.

IMAG0234Now, as we all know, one of the most well-known and most celebrated holidays is coming near the corner. You probably already noticed that from posters in stores, Christmas lights on the streets, or perhaps carolers who have knocked on your doors. These holiday fairies come around the town to bring blessings to people, and I was lucky enough to see them earlier on the day of the Thursday performance last week. Anya (middle) and Jacob (right) from Chorale were singing that day. There are other singers in the groups and some of them are also from the UW Chorale. I have not had the chance to meet all the fairies, but you might. As you’re walking to your classes, look around and you might see them. If you do, take a moment to listen, it might be just what you need on the dead week before the finals.

carolfestgraphicTomorrow in Meany Hall, we will be singing in the traditional CarolFest (buy tickets here) along with the Chamber Singers, University Singers, Women’s Choir, Gospel Choir, and UW Men’s Glee Club. Enjoy the Many Moods of Christmas (also the title of one of the songs that the UW Chorale will be singing) and wish you all the best.

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About University of Washington Chorale

The UW Chorale is a premiere undergraduate choral ensemble at UW and is known for its highly expressive performances and technical abilities. Entrance is competitive, and is based upon the following factors: strong vocal technique, strong sight-singing skills, expressive depth, a solid work ethic, and the willingness to work communally with others to reach the highest possible standards. UW Chorale plays an active role in promoting the UW music department through frequent performances and community appearances, as well as a yearly tour and/or CD recording.

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