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A Symphony of Perspective

For our readers out there, how rapidly are you moving through life? Most of us would agree that with age, life tends to speed up. As we get older, we take on larger responsibilities and become busy adults, focused and glued onto our tasks. Soon we become so engrossed in our work that life breezes away, not even giving a chance for us to contemplate what exactly flew over our heads. Before we know it, we fail to sense the beauty of our surroundings, like the color of autumn leaves, or the scent of fresh rainfall. Now, what would happen if there was a way to slow down time so that busy people like us could enjoy the intricacies of the world? More importantly, what would this slow motion sound like?

This is exactly what Mateo Messina’s 16th Annual Seattle Children’s Benefit Concert aims to explore. Appropriately named Lens, Messina has designed this concert to evoke discovery and reflection in the midst of our hectic lives and change our perspective on how we┬ánavigate through life. With University Chorale singing Hide and Seek with Imogen Heap, and Pomplamoose performing their covers and original songs, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss!




Imogen Heap

We’re excited to able to collaborate with these artists, and be a part of such an astonishing event. We hope to see many of you there on Friday!