The Urban Infrastructure Lab (UIL) at the University of Washington, under the direction of Professor Jan Whittington, brings together students and faculty with a shared interest in the planning, governance, finance, design, development, economics, and environmental effects of infrastructure. Collectively, our interests span the systems critical to economic and social well-being, such as energy, water, health, transportation, education, and communications. Across these sectors, our studies integrate empirical and applied methods of research to discover the means to obtain long-run objectives, such as decarbonization, resilience, and information security, through decisions made today.


The Quad, Courtesy of The University of Washington

Climate Smart Capital Investment Planning
Homeland Security
Husky Sustainable Storms
Smart Cities & Information Security
State and Regional Infrastructure Planning
Transaction Cost Economics
Transportation Infrastructure
UW Solar

Stefanie Young | Lab Manager
Jan Whittington | Faculty Founder

Recent Posts

UW Solar @ Earth Day 2017 & Green Husky Award Ceremony

UW Solar came to the Earth Day again this year! We were, as usual, passionately talking about the benefits of solar energy and how we helped UW Campus to enhance the sustainability by installing more solar panels on different buildings. 

This year, we witnessed the completion of a 105 kW solar system distributed on Alder, Elm and Maple Hall on west campus, which quadrupled the capacity to provide renewable energy to west campus residents. 

One significant recognition our group got this year is the Green Husky Award, which indicates UW Solar’s leadership role in improving campus sustainability.

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