UW Solar 5.0 is online!

At the beginning of the fifth academic year for UW Solar, we are ready for more exciting projects!

UW Solar was awarded  Husky Green Award at Earth Day 2017

Photo Credit: UW Sustainability Office

Solar arrays on Alder, Elm and Maple Hall were one of our main focus for the past two years, and we were happy to see the project was completed at last March. From now on, UW Solar will start to look at the system performance and the research opportunities from the data stream.

The new Life Sciences Building under construction contains one really fascinating feature related to UW Solar – Building Integrated Photovoltaics for shadowing fins. This year, our group will keep providing support for this cut-edge technology to be applied on UW campus as the pioneer for all educational institutions in the U.S.

Last but not least, we are forming a campus plan for all UW buildings where solar energy might be applicable. UW Solar ‘s ultimate goal has always been making UW more sustainable by integrating renewable energy sources as much as possible!

UW Solar meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at Gould 012C, all students are welcome to join us. Feel free to contact us at stefanie.r.young@gmail.com

UW Solar @ Earth Day 2017 & Green Husky Award Ceremony

UW Solar came to the Earth Day again this year! We were, as usual, passionately talking about the benefits of solar energy and how we helped UW Campus to enhance the sustainability by installing more solar panels on different buildings. 

This year, we witnessed the completion of a 105 kW solar system distributed on Alder, Elm and Maple Hall on west campus, which quadrupled the capacity to provide renewable energy to west campus residents. 

One significant recognition our group got this year is the Green Husky Award, which indicates UW Solar’s leadership role in improving campus sustainability.

CEI/HFS Project Site Visit

On the sunny afternoon of November 14th, UW Solar visited the roofs of Maple Hall and Alder Hall with staff from HFS. Artisan Electric, our contractor of the CEI Testbed project, has already finished 99 percent of Maple and the 50 KW system of Alder is under construction. For some of us, it was the first time we could actually see what real solar panels look like and we were super excited to witness our project come to the final stage from blueprint. People from Artisan were really helpful in providing our members detailed information about the solar system and the construction process. Thanks, Artisan!

Our group!

Our group!


Looks great in the afternoon sunshine.

Installing solar panels!

Installing solar panels!

As an exhibitor of UW Sustainability Fair

Our Outreach team

Our Outreach team

For 3 years now UW Sustainability, a program from University of Washington has held a Sustainable UW Festival which promotes themselves to the public mainly UW students. The festival would last a week which would consist of events such as talks, exhibitions and promotions. UW Solar was honored to be able to set up a table during the Exhibitor Fair. In amidst the dozen clubs and companies that support sustainability especially in UW, our organization made an appearance and explained fellow attendees about the projects that we ran.

Students and staff alike seemed intrigued by the efforts of UW Solar to introduce solar energy into our mini grid. With the installation of Solar panels on Mercer, the on-going installation on Maple, Alder and Elm and more future projects, we truly believe that we are able to take UW further in becoming sustainable.

Our new solar project made the news!

On October 4th, our CEI Testbed project proceeded to the installation stage. The general contractor for this project, Artisan Electric started to hoisting all materials to the roof top from 7 AM. We were really honored to have several people from UW Photography and UW Sustainability taking pictures on the site to witness more solar the campus will have in the new future! In addition, our outreach coordinator, Yuxuan Chen, and Lab Manager, Stefanie Young, had an interview from Fox News, taking about this project, and the video was showed on the evening new of the same day.

Link to the video here

The installation will be finished by the end of December, according to the construction schedule. A grand opening for this 100 kW solar system is planned to take place on January!

Hoisting materials

Hoisting materials

Stefanie during interview

Stefanie during interview



New year, more solar!

Welcome, new huskies and welcome back, other huskies!

We were proud to hold a table at Red Square on September 29th, when several students showed strong interest in our group and hopefully,many of them will become our new members in the near future!

UW Solar table @ Red Square

UW Solar table @ Red Square

Our Outreach Team

Our Outreach Team

As the new academic year begins, our UW-Solar have several exciting projects going on.

Our CEI-testbed project will procceed to installation phase which will happen on the first week of October. Three HFS residential halls, Maple Hall, Elm Hall and Alder Hall will possess total solar capacity of over 100 kW soon.

In addition, UW Solar will keep working with the Port of Seattle to help the latter develop the feasibility study for another two buildings of the Port.


Port of Seattle Project Update

On May 12th, Terrance Darby with Port of Seattle joined UW Solar in our meeting place. We went through the feasibility study for the solar project of Port Of Seattle (Pier 69) together. From Terrance, we got some positive feedback for what we have done as well as many useful suggestions for what we are doing. Last but not least, a group picture!


IMG_0225  solar-header          PortofSeattleLogo-365x195

UW Solar @ Earth Day

  This Earth Day, we were tabling at Red Square.

We had solar panels boards which contained posters on them showing the projects we are doing and have done.Also, a real solar panel which produced electricity even on that cloudy day.


People were attracted by our group. They stopped by, talked with us and were eager to learn more about our projects.


Most importantly, we had fun!


See you on the next Earth Day!

Spring 2016 Project Update


This quarter we have three major projects going on.

courtesy of http://vancouverisland.com/

courtesy of http://vancouverisland.com/

courtesy of department of Biology

courtesy of department of Biology

All buildings Rendering

  1. CEI Testbeds. We are excited to cooperate with Housing & Food Services (HFS) again! Two years ago, we successfully installed 34kw solar panels on the roof of Mercer A. This time we are doing three buildings, Alder Hall, Elm Hall and Maple Hall. Residents on west campus, hopefully, will be able to utilize 100kw electricity from solar by May 1st!
  2. Life Sciences Building. A brand new building on Pacific way will start to rise up during this summer for the department of life sciences. What is more facinating is that UW Solar will try to put Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) as shading lanes. We were awarded $7,500 from Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) for feasibility study. We hope the reasearch we are doing can help administrators to make a decision for getting more solar on campus!
  3. Port of Seattle. The first part of the project focuses on Pier 69 which is the headquarter of Port of Seattle. The feasibility study will be finished before June 1st. As a pilot project, pier 69 will be helpful for both Port of Seattle and UW Solar to explore the possibility of having more solar on other properties owned by Port of Seattle around the Seattle community.