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uwsolar We are an interdisciplinary team of students at the University of Washington in talks with the UW Housing and Food Services regarding the development of a solar installation with accompanying Industrial Control Systems on buildings at the UW campus. We also are engaged in providing effective outreach to students about the benefits of smart solar investments.

UW-Solar has two objectives:

1. To provide clean and sustainable power production in order to reduce reliance on outside energy resources, improve the resilience of power systems to outages and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the university. Allowing the university to become more self-sufficient in its energy production will reduce direct costs and environmental impact while improving capabilities for community service and rapid recovery during any future crises. The use of clean and renewable energy sources are a primary objective, as stated in the University of Washington’s Climate Action plan, for the future sustainability of the University.

2. Smart infrastructure systems rely upon computerized systems (SCADA) for monitoring and remote control. SCADA systems control water and sewer infrastructure, electrical grids, oil refineries, transportation systems, manufacturing systems, nuclear energy and hazardous chemical production. Historically, such systems were developed in isolation from each other, and were not designed for security and resilience to cyber-attack. The security of these systems on campus is important to UW, and as a model for other campuses, but also cities and regions. This project creates an opportunity for students to lead a project that develops and studies a smart solar energy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System.

This website will document the project throughout it’s multiple phases, describe our findings, and educate the greater community on the environmental benefit of the solar energy. Furthermore, it will describe the controls system which monitors the system.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

Stefanie Young
Project Manager

Recent Posts

UW Solar 5.0 is online!

At the beginning of the fifth academic year for UW Solar, we are ready for more exciting projects!

UW Solar was awarded  Husky Green Award at Earth Day 2017

Photo Credit: UW Sustainability Office

Solar arrays on Alder, Elm and Maple Hall were one of our main focus for the past two years, and we were happy to see the project was completed at last March. From now on, UW Solar will start to look at the system performance and the research opportunities from the data stream.

The new Life Sciences Building under construction contains one really fascinating feature related to UW Solar – Building Integrated Photovoltaics for shadowing fins. This year, our group will keep providing support for this cut-edge technology to be applied on UW campus as the pioneer for all educational institutions in the U.S.

Last but not least, we are forming a campus plan for all UW buildings where solar energy might be applicable. UW Solar ‘s ultimate goal has always been making UW more sustainable by integrating renewable energy sources as much as possible!

UW Solar meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at Gould 012C, all students are welcome to join us. Feel free to contact us at stefanie.r.young@gmail.com

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