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Our team was assembled from five Colleges at the University of Washington to create a powerful knowledge base for this interdisciplinary project. Each team member has a distinct and important role in the overall design and implementation of the project.

Photo credit: Anil Kapahi, 2014

Photo credit: Anil Kapahi, 2014

The Team

Faculty Advisor
Jan Whittington

Project Manager
Stefanie Young– Lab Manager

Current Members
Lucas Reber – IT, SCADA & Data
Austin Miller – IT, SCADA & Data, Brand design, Web Master
Christoph Strouse – Policy & Institutions, SCADA & Data
Prerna Agarwal – Education & Outreach, SCADA & Data
Feiyang Sun – SCADA & Data, Funding
Alexander Ratcliff – Design, Education & Outreach
Lucy (Jiawen Gao) – Education & Outreach, SCADA & Data
Meghan Gat­tuso – Policy & Institutions
Yuxuan Chen – Education & Outreach
Shuheng Wang – Education & Outreach, SCADA & Data
Austin Bell – Policy & Institutions
Shruti Misra – Funding, SCADA & Data
Kenneth Wilhelm – Design, SCADA & Data
Melissa Gaughan – Planning, designing, permitting, & funding for CEI testbed project
Lauren Hoerr – Port of Seattle Project
Bry Osmonson – Port of Seattle Project
Trinh Ha
Alex Ratcliff – Design, Education & Outreach

Past Team Members
Jake Tracy
Heta Koso­nen
Ben Lukes
Justin Cher­veny
Dustin Wolfe
Dillinger James
Zach Holle
Banks Hall
Daniel Kim
Jae Jose
Jia Yuan
Michael Olson
Urooj Qureshi
Danny Rowl­ings
Abby Danao
Jacob Debernardi
Bowei Liang
Bran­don Chen
Lingzhi Sun
Ezekiel Jones
Zexia Ding
Sunni Wiss­mer
Mar­i­lyn Ostergren
Duncan Clauson
Bruce Reed
Otis Alexander
Kristen Gelino
Michele Hill
Lydia Fulton
Jeff Bernard
Justin Brecese
Casey Rodgers
Kaiwen Sun
Nicholas Steckler
Allison McGrath

UW-Solar would like to offer a special thanks to DC Grant (Masters Infrastructure Planning and Management and Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity) and  (Jonathan Olds (Evans School of Public Affairs and Master of Urban Planning) whose  initial work on this project helped get it off the ground.