Research Opportunity: Newbook Technology and Development Group Internships

Con­tact Name: Walter G. Andrews

Con­tact Email: walter[at]

Depart­ment: Near Eastern Languages and Civilization


The Newbook Technology and Development Group internships in digital humanities will provide practical experience in text processing technologies and digital representations of humanities texts.  We have work for students starting at any level of experience from interested neophyte to expert programmer.  We will be using the GNU/Linux platform to create and run scripts written in python/perl, XSLT, javascript, LaTeX, sed, awk, bash and other languages in constructing a pipeline from TEI-XML to PDF/HTML as well as setting up and integrating an automatic xml-tagging program into our website.


Experience with or willingness to learn about open-source technologies for text processing from scripting to markup languages and text analysis tools; commitment to six hours per week and a weekly meeting in which we set goals and present the results of our work.

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